The son of a nurse (Mary Jane Lewis) and a truck driver (Frank Edward Lewis,) I was born at the United Hospital Center in Clarksburg, WV in 1972.  When I was three, my family moved from the small, unincorporated, town of McWhorter, WV to Clarksburg.  I attended Linden grade school where I started playing the cello in fifth grade and the trombone in sixth grade.  

As a cello player in middle school, I was a member of the WV All State Orchestra. My final two years at Washington Irving High School, I played trombone in the All County Band and bass guitar in the WI Stage Band, which focused mainly on jazz and big band  music.  It was also my final year in high school when I first became interested in the acoustic guitar.

In 1990, I started college at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV.  During that time, I was a member of several bands that focused on original music, including Once Hush, Balloonhead and the Parsley Trees, all of which were featured on Morgantown compilation albums.

After graduating with a B.S. in Geology in 1995, I rejoined Once Hush as the bass player and signed a deal with Finetune Management in Baltimore, MD. In the five years that Once Hush was together, we released 3 CD's independently while touring the east coast and mid-west of America.  The debut CD "Say It Anyway" produced by John Alagia (Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Jason Mraz) included the song "Heading South" which was included on the Aware IV compilation album.  As a result, our CD was licensed to MTV's reality show "Real World - Boston". 

When Once Hush disbanded in 2000, I remained in Baltimore to record my first solo CD, "The Speed of Light," before moving to Frederick, MD to record my second album, “Clear”.

After moving back to Clarksburg, WV in 2003, and playing with various musical projects, I released my third solo album, “Long Walk Home” in 2006. 

In 2009, I moved to Morgantown, WV and started the 80's tribute band 80's Enough.  Over the next couple of years, I focused on songwriting, rebuilding my studio and performing. 

My fourth solo album, "Consider the Source", was released in December 2012. 

Finally, in case it's not obvious,  I love making music. 


When I'm not doing the music thing...

I work for the state of WV as a Petroleum Research Geologist.  I obtained my Master's Degree in Geology at West Virginia University in 2013.  In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer, hanging out on Cheat Lake, and traveling.


"Consider the Source" Eric Lewis 2012  Self-produced at Less Is More Studios in Morgantown, WV and mixed at Basement Floor Studios.


 "Long Walk Home" Eric Lewis 2006  Self-produced at Less Is More Studios in Clarksburg, WV and mixed at Basement Floor Studios.


"Clear" Eric Lewis 2003  Self-produced and engineered by Tim Miskimon at Basement Floor Studios.


"The Speed of Light" Eric Lewis 2001   Produced by Alan Kozlay.


"Superior Machines" Once Hush 1998  Produced by John Morand


"New Live Switch" Once Hush 1997   Live album, recorded at Bohagers in Baltimore, MD and at the University Concert Hall in College Park, MD


"Aware IV" Compilation distributed by Aware Records featuring the Once Hush single "Heading South"


"Say it Anyway" Once Hush 1996    Produced by John Alagia and engineered by Doug Derryberry



Here's some cool things I've done:

- toured the east coast (New Hampshire to Georgia to Michigan to Tennessee) 

- received extensive print coverage, and excellent college and specialty commercial radio airplay 

- played in Once Hush - the only indie band I know of at the time that had health insurance

- moved over 10,000 units of six independently released CD’s 

- sang national anthem at Camden Yards (Fall 2000)

- performed at The Mall in Washington, D.C. for “The March” to conquer Cancer, 1999

- December 2005 - 22nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Honorable Mention for the Song, "First Kiss" written by Angela Taylor and Eric Lewis Pop Category

- October 2005 - I put together a band called "Long Walk Home" and we competed in the WVAQ 2005 Unsigned Band Challenge. We finished in the top 3 out of 60 bands after forming just a month before.  A portion of the proceeds went to WVU Children's Hospital


"Six originals and a great cover of the Lennon/McCartney ballad 'Eleanor Rigby,' make this a solid addition to your collection. The tunes are snappy and intelligent. (4 out of 5 stars)" Graffiti Magazine January 2007

"a more organic-sounding rock record." Dan Leroy - Rolling Stone, National Review, Graffiti Magazine 2006

"I wouldn't be surprised if the song (Let's Go Mountaineers) didn't someday echo over Mountaineer Field." Julie Perine - Lifestyles Editor - Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram 2006

"I recommend this album to listen to when you are tired of a chaotic world and want to go to a better place. 'Clear' is a musical meditation that you are sure to enjoy." Joany Nazdin - Music Monthly February 2004

"In contrast to the guitar firepower of his 2001 debut, 'The Speed Of Light,' 'Clear' boasts more subtle and spacious arrangements which enhance Lewis' two finest songs to date: 'As Good As It Gets,' an urgently percolating power-pop tune that rages against the limitations of love, and 'We Should Be Dancing,' with a chorus that haunts and the confident sound of a hit." Dan Leroy - Graffiti Online December 2003

"The force of the logic that went into the design of the melody and lyric is so great that it nearly overwhelms the song's intended emotiveness; nonetheless, the contours are so pleasing and the expression so clear that I have to give it a thumbs up." Taxi - listener ID# 30 on track #3 from "Clear."

"I was surprised with the vocal talents of Eric Lewis, whose strong and smooth voice is definitely a great asset for the band (Once Hush.)" Alice Hong MTV July 1998


The Speed of Light by (Jack) Eric Lewis

You move me faster than the speed of light,

Though it’s not possible, I know it can be done,

As I move forward, time for me, it goes too slow,

Waiting for your gravity to hold onto me...

Published by The International Library of Poetry.

A book of poetry entitled The Falling Rain.