The son of a nurse (Mary Jane Lewis) and a truck driver (Frank Edward Lewis), Jack Eric Lewis was born at the United Hospital Center in Clarksburg, WV in 1972. When Eric was three, his family moved from the small, unincorporated, town of McWhorter, WV to Clarksburg. He attended Linden grade school where he was invited to sing with the Harrison County So-Fa Singers in fourth through sixth grades. In the fifth grade, he began learning the cello, followed by the trombone a year later. As a cello player in middle school, he was a member of the WV All-State Orchestra. While attending Washington Irving High School (WIHS), he continued with the trombone; however, he traded his cello in for a bass guitar and joined the WIHS Stage Band, which focused mainly on jazz and big band music. 

By the time he graduated in 1990, he began taking an interest in the acoustic guitar and, soon after that, songwriting. At West Virginia University, he was an active player in the local music scene. After graduating with a B.S. in Geology in 1995, he reconnected with some of his college band mates in Baltimore, MD. In the five years that Once Hush was together, they released three CD's independently while touring the east coast and mid-west of America. After they disbanded in 2000, Eric went on to release four solo CD's. In 2009, he started the 80's tribute band 80's Enough and in 2020, he launched his latest songwriting project called FYOG.

He currently performs 40-60 dates per year around the region.