Schedule 2023

*** Please research the venue before making the journey, as events may be subject to change.

1/6     Social Tap     Bridgeport, WV    acoustic duo 
1/7     Yough River Brewing     Connelsville, PA     acoustic duo 
1/15    Honi Honi      Deep Creek, MD      acoustic duo 
1/20     Marilyn's on Main     Uniontown, PA
2/11     Yough River Brewing     Connelsville, PA     acoustic duo   
2/18     American Legion     Fairchance, PA  acoustic duo
3/4     Christian Klay Winery     Chalk Hill, PA     acoustic duo
3/11     Sabraton Station     Morgantown, WV     w/ 80s Enough
3/17     Meagher's  Irish Pub     Bridgeport, WV     w/ 80s Enough
4/8     Yough River Brewing     Connelsville, PA     acoustic duo
4/29     Honi Honi      Deep Creek, MD     w/ 80s Enough

5/6      Sabraton Station     Morgantown, WV     w/ 80s Enough
5/19     Ma Maruca's     Fairchance, PA     acoustic duo
5/20     American Legion     Fairchance, PA  acoustic duo
6/10     Honi Honi      Deep Creek, MD     w/ 80s Enough

 8/12    Honi Honi      Deep Creek, MD     w/ 80s Enough

1/21     Dimarco's     Uniontown, PA     acoustic duo
2/19      Honi     Deep Creek, MD     w/ 80s Enough
2/26     Art Bar     Morgantown, WV     solo     12-2pm
3/12     Elks     Uniontown, PA     acoustic duo
3/18      Meaghers Irish Pub     Bridgeport, WV     w/ 80s Enough
3/19     American Legion     Bridgeport, WV     acoustic duo
3/26     Sabraton Station     Morgantown, WV     w/ 80s Enough
4/9     Copperhouse Grill     Fairmont, WV     w/ 80s Enough
4/23     Brickside     Clarksburg, WV    w/ 80s Enough
4/30     Joe Mama's      "Mammapalooza"     Morgantown, WV     w/ Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF)
5/7     private event     Clarksburg, WV     w/ 80s Enough
5/13     private event     Uniontown, PA     w/ 80s Enough
6/3    Honi     Deep Creek, MD    w/ 80s Enough
6/4     Bridgeport Summer Kickoff     Bridgeport, WV     w/ 80s Enough
6/10     Copperhouse Grill Fairmont, WV w/ 80s Enough
6/11     Brickside     Bridgeport, WV    w/ 80s Enough
6/18     American Legion      Bridgport, WV     w/ 80s Enough
6/20     Honi     Deep Creek, MD    acoustic duo
7/1     Tropics     Morgantown, WV     w/ 80s Enough
7/4     private event     Adah, PA     w/ 80s Enough
7/8     Dimarco's     Uniontown, PA     w/ 80s Enough
7/9     private event     Fairmont, WV     acoustic duo
7/10     Honi    Deep Creek, MD     w/ 80s Enough
7/15     Social Tap     Bridgeport, WV     w/80s Enough
7/23     American Legion     Fairchance, PA     acoustic duo
8/1    Honi     Deep Creek, MD     acoustic duo
8/5     private event     Morgantown, WV     w/ 80s Enough
8/9     private event     Bridgeport, WV     w/ 80s Enough
8/12     Green Hills Country Club     Fairmont, WV     acoustic duo
8/13     Yough Brewing Co.     Connellsville, PA     acoustic duo
8/24     Wisp Summer Concert Series     McHenry, MD     w/ 80s Enough
8/26     private event     Bridgeport, WV
8/27     Honi      Deep Creek, MD w/ 80s Enough
9/2     Yough Brewing Co. Connellsville, PA w/ 80s Enough
9/3     Tropics      Morgantown, WV     w/ 80s Enough
9/9     Mom Maruca's     Uniontown, PA     acoustic duo
10/1     Brickside     Bridgeport, WV      acoustic duo     pregame 4-7pm
10/7     Social Tap     Bridgeport, WV     acoustic duo
10/15     Honi Honi     Deep Creek, MD     acoustic duo
11/5     Christian Klay Winery     Chalk Hill, PA     acoustic duo     
11/19     American Legion     Fairchance, PA     acoustic duo
11/26     Sabraton Station     Morgantown, WV     w/ 80s Enough
11/28     private event
12/8    private event     Bridgeport, WV     solo/acoustic
12/16    private event     Bridgeport, WV     w/ 80s Enough
12/17     Yough Brewing Co.    Connelsville, PA acoustic duo
12/31     NYE Party     Bridgeport Conference Center     w/ 80s Enough
1/15     Honi Honi     Deep Creek, MD      acoustic duo